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Giving back to the Berber women of Morocco

Morocco, a land with immense richness and beauty, is loved by many tourists as an exotic holiday destination.

Despite this beauty, Morocco is also a place where the rich and the poor live worlds apart. You don't have to venture too far away from the bustling tourist districts to see the wide economic inequality that exists.

Traveling to the remote Berber villages, there is a distinct lack of resources and due to the harsh living conditions and poor village resources, it is common for the local Berber people to live solely off what the land produces.

Our oil is the lifeblood that flows from the earth through the Berber people. 

Organic and vital, it empowers the women of our homeland from its harvesting to its production and utilization, linking generation to each new generation. 

Beauty passes on from woman to woman across time, and now we share it with you.

Gratefully Mimouna Team

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