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Warm weather beauty secrets!

To maintain a fresh face through surf, sun and sand, here for you some warm weather beauty secrets.

1.QUESTION: How can one prevent oily skin in the summer?

ANSWER: Oily skin is torture in the summer, I know firsthand. First off, limit moisturizer. You really don’t need a separate day cream and SPF, so just wear sunscreen + a dry oil. Keep blotting papers with you to soak up oil and powder for touch-ups—and try to stay in cool places!

2.QUESTION: How does one prevent 'raccoon eyes' when wearing dark eye makeup on humid day?

ANSWER: Be mindful not to apply moisturizer, foundation, or concealer on your eyelids, which will make the product run. Instead, use primer if you want to wear shadow. Nothing budges when you use it. Always use waterproof mascara and liner on your bottom lashline to prevent smudging. You can also apply waterproof mascara on the tips of your top lashes, over your regular mascara, to seal in the color without completely committing yourself to the tedious removal process often associated with these formulas.

3.QUESTION: Can one year waterproof mascara every day? What's the safest way to remove it?

ANSWER: Contrary to popular belief, waterproof mascara isn’t any more damaging than regular mascara, but you do need something greasy or oily to remove it properly or lashes can become brittle and break. 


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